Nomination and Selection Criteria and Process

The following is to be used to define a set of guidelines for the nomination, selection and induction process for the State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame. These are the characterizing marks, traits and/or standards on which a judgment or decision may be based. Also included for achieving a better understanding is more explicit criteria to provide a systematic and objective way to rate each nominee.

Nomination Process


1. Nominations from the public may be made by providing detailed information on the nomination form about an individual’s accomplishments as an athlete, coach, administrator, pioneer/contributor, sports writer or broadcaster, official, or any other related category.

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2. Athletes are eligible for nomination three (3) years following active competition. If death of a nominee occurs before completion of the waiting period, it is automatically reduced to six months.

3. Individuals in such categories as a coach, administrator, pioneer/contributor, official, broadcaster or sportswriter still active at the age of 60 (or after 40 years of service) may be nominated for the HOF. Leniency in the age restriction will also be given to those in lifetime sports such as golf, bowling, tennis etc. Coaches, administrators, media professionals, and officials must demonstrate significant accomplishments in their field for an extended length of time.

Significant participation or involvement in the development of an athletic program will be considered in the Pioneers/Contributors category. This is not to dilute the quality of the primary honors, it merely provides an opportunity to honor individuals who do not exactly fit into the established categories.

4. Individuals to be considered must have been born and raised in the state of Washington or must have maintained significant long-term residence in the state or must have accomplished their achievements in Washington for a minimum of five (5) seasons. This applies to both athletes and coaches. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Executive committee. Other categories not listed will be considered on an individual basis.

5. Nominations must be accompanied by an official nomination form and include appropriate documentation to be considered by the Selection Committee. A resume’ and non-returnable head shot and action photo must accompany the nomination papers. Photo may be scanned at 300 dpi and emailed in a .jpg format if preferred.

6. The Board shall reserve the right to conduct further research on nominees prior to consideration by the Selection Committee.

7. The nominee must have exhibited strong character and discipline in representing the State of Washington throughout their careers to be considered. Conviction of any felony, crime of moral turpitude or official sanction by a governing body of the nominee’s sport during participation will automatically nullify his or her nomination.

8. The Athletes category is voted on annually and there is no maximum on how many can be honored. The category for Administrators/ Coaches/ Officials/Media/Pioneers-Contributors are also voted on annually with a maximum of two honored. The Veterans category is voted on every third year with a maximum of two honored..

9. The Executive Director, selectors and staff cannot be nominated to the State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame while in office. (Apply Rule #1)

Selection Process

The Selection Committee (selectors) are charged with the vital task of assuring that new inductees are the finest and most qualified representatives of Sports in Washington State. The Selection Committee consists of sports media representatives and acknowledged sports historians from the State of Washington.

The Selectors are appointed by the Executive Director after agreeing to serve and can be terminated only by retirement or resignation as long as they participate regularly via email.

Every nominee for induction must receive an 80 percent approval rating by the Selection Committee. Anyone may nominate a qualified person by submitting an Official Nomination Ballot and submitting it with information that will help to substantiate qualifying achievements. Each nomination will be researched to substantiate information submitted and an electronic nomination file will be established for each nominee and will be the on-going repository for required, elective and new information from the nominator or nominee. Only new and non-selection files from previous years with new substantive information will be reviewed by the Selection Committee at its annual meeting. Selections, only, will be announced in the media after the annual Selection Committee meeting.

The major function of the Selection Committee is to ensure the integrity of the entire process and assist with the annual HOF induction ceremonies in the Spring/Summer of each year.

A ballot will be mailed no later than February 1st to all members of the Selection Committee with instructions attached.

If you have specific questions please direct them to Marc Blau, Executive Director, at or at 253-677-2872.