1974 Inductees

JEFF HEATH — Baseball

Although plagued by injuries, Jeff Heath was an outstanding performer throughout his 15-year major league career, the first 10 of them with the Cleveland Indians. He is the only American League player ever to hit 20 homers, 20 triples and 20 doubles the same season. Heath was a Seattle favorite.

After gaining All-American honors for two seasons at the University of Washington, he went onto play eight years in the National Football League and served several more as an assistant coach. Later he became an outstanding TV analyst.



His was a rasping monotone, but Leo Lassen’s descriptions of Seattle Rainiers’ baseball games gained him radio audiences of incredible proportions during the 1930’s ’40s and ’50s in the Puget Sound area. And he was sorely missed when he departed the microphone in 1961. Leo started as a sportswriter and got into broadcasting accidently.